Aroma: the love

language of plants


Your fragrant self care experience

The heart of every Aveda experience is infused with nature’s own fragrances. Created in our Aveda Aroma Lab, our pure-fume aromas are botanical blends of flower and plant extracts distilled to their very essence to awaken your senses with the bountiful powers of nature.


Creating our scents is about more than creating a pleasant smelling product, it’s a key part of crafting your overall sensory experience. Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda, we experiment with aromas to best align scents with each product and its unique properties. “Our aromas are not simplistic (say, a blend of two oils only). And this is due to the creativity of our pure-fumers and the quality of our plant-based ingredients. They smell pure and simple, but they’re very complex—that’s what makes them unique,” says Kate Rosso, Principle Perfumer of Aveda’s Pure-fume Aroma Lab.


Biotech Naturals and hair care infused with flower and plant aromas


At Aveda, our Biotech Naturals methods of technology for naturally-derived, functional ingredients are not only limited to our award-winning formulas or bond-building repair. It applies to our aromas, too. In botanical repair, the rich aromas of ylang-ylang, rose and marjoram essential oils (as with all of our aromas) are all 100% naturally derived1 and formulated in our very own Aveda Aroma Lab through the art and science of aromaology.


Layered to create aromas for your everyday, our high-performance hair care products provide a sense of well-being and connectedness while you shampoo, condition, repair or treat your hair.







1Per the ISO standard 16128, from plant sources, non-petroleum mineral sources, and/or water.