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Hair with lift gives your spirit a lift, too. Give your hair body and abundance with hair volumising products from Aveda.

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The optical illusions that will make

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Hair isn’t just about the way we look; it’s also about the way we feel. Hair that’s abundant and full of volume makes us feel confident, vivacious, and strong. When you struggle with hair that’s fine or flat, it can make our spirit feel the same.

Having fine or flat hair is a common issue, but volumising hair products can transform lifeless hair into hair with body and energy. By adding the right natural hair products to your daily regimen, you can achieve hair that’s bursting with body and bounce.

The first step in a volumising hair care routine is a shampoo for fine hair. Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Shampoo cleanses your hair while infusing volume. Naturally-derived products like kaolin clay and acacia gum build body and volume into your hair, creating a lifted appearance.

After you’ve cleansed the hair with a volumising shampoo, a volumising conditioner is crucial. Used together, natural shampoo and conditioner lift the hair and create a more abundant look. Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Clay Conditioner perfectly complements your shampoo for even more volumised locks. Plus, this deep conditioner made with the natural aromas of jasmine, peppermint, and palmarosa for a true spa-like experience with each use.

Adding volumising shampoo and conditioner to your daily hair care regimen is essential in achieving lifted hair, but style prep products can help boost your hair’s body and lock in the volume.

Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion works miracles with fine and flat hair. The innovative formula transforms in your hands from a powder to a lightweight, absorbent lotion. The hair texturiser instantly adds volume and creates a matte texture. Naturally derived bulking agents including kaolin clay and acacia gum boost each strand and lock in body.

Use the hair potion in an endless number of ways depending on your style. Sprinkle it directly onto the roots and work through for a more concentrated effect. Get quick volume by sprinkling the potion liberally through damp hair before blow drying. Create beautiful texture in long hair by applying the product before braiding or twisting the hair. You can even use it on non-shampoo days to help absorb excess oil and give hair a fast renewal. No matter how you choose to use it, your hair will feel naturally abundant.

After you’ve cleansed, conditioned, and styled, finish with Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Hair Spray. The spray offers weightless volume with effective hold, allowing you to keep your volume all day. The weightless micro-mist delivers firm hold on all hair types, boosting the strands with naturally derived bulking agents. The formula dries quickly and resists humidity, so your hair stays exactly where you want it.

Give your hair new life with body and volume from Pure Abundance™.