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Nourish dry hair back to life when you leave in a wonder of nature.
Our hair oils instantly moisturises dry hair and ends.
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Beautiful hair begins with a healthy hair care routine. Hair care doesn’t have to be intensive, but it takes more than a few suds to create hair that’s strong and healthy. An effective regimen will include cleansing, conditioning, and hydrating both the hair and its foundation.

A good hair care regimen begins with cleansing. Shampoo is essential for creating hair that’s clean and ready to absorb the moisture and hydration that comes from conditioners and scalp care products. Choosing the right natural shampoo is all about addressing your specific hair concerns. At Aveda, we’ve formulated a range of shampoos that hydrate, strengthen, restructure, and add volume to hair. Plus, all of our hair products use natural ingredients that are never harsh or harmful. Brittle hair may benefit from Damage Remedy™ restructuring shampoo, while frizz can be calmed by the Smooth Infusion™ formula. Those who use hair dye should consider hair products that will keep their colour vibrant, such as Aveda’s Color Conserve™ shampoo.

A comprehensive hair care regimen will also include conditioner. Conditioner not only adds the moisture that your hair needs, but it can also help hair look fuller and thicker. Like shampoo, conditioner can address hair concerns like unruly curls, dryness, or damage. Our range of shampoo is fit for any hair type and texture, from Be Curly™ conditioner to Pure Abundance™ volumising clay conditioner. Brilliant™ conditioner detangles and restores softness using shea butter and plant oils. Dry Remedy™ conditioner drenches dry or brittle hair with our patented deep-moisture complex featuring buriti oil, leaving your hair soft, supple, and shiny.

Aveda Hair & Scalp OilsWhile shampoo and conditioner are two vital steps in your hair care routine, it’s also important to focus on the foundation of healthy hair – the scalp. Scalp care is essential if you want hair that’s strong and shiny. Hair and scalp oils are perfect for improving the health of hair while hydrating and balancing the scalp. At Aveda, we’ve created a collection of hair and scalp oils that moisturise, calm, and nourish both the hair and its foundation.

Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil instantly moisturises dry hair and ends while giving the scalp much-needed hydration. The formula uses a wonder of nature – certified organic buriti oil from Brazil – to transform dry and brittle hair, making it soft and manageable. Stress-Fix Composition Oil™ nourishes the scalp with a blend of certified organic sunflower and jojoba seed oils. The oil uses an aroma proven to reduce stress, made from certified organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage. Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil™ softens and moisturises with a nourishing blend of certified organic olive and safflower oils. This oil can also be added to your bath for an uplifting aromatic experience.

Healthy hair comes from a healthy hair care regimen. From organic shampoo to rich conditioners and scalp oils, hair care products are a necessary part of creating happy, healthy hair. By using natural hair products that use the power of nature, you can cleanse, conditioner, and nourish your hair and scalp for long, beautiful hair.