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4 ways working

out benefits

your skin

Unleash your own glowing, gorgeous complexion

We all know how amazing the benefits of working out are for your body and mind, but what about your skin? Over the years there has been misinformation spread about how exercise causes breakouts and isn’t great for your skin, however with the right preparation (ie, ensuring you have clean skin before working out and hydrate throughout) you’ll avoid any skin mishaps and be on your way to unleashing your own glowing, gorgeous complexion.

1. post-workout glow

One of the main benefits of working out is that you stimulate blood flow. What this means is that but stimulating the flow of oxygen to your blood, your skin cells become nourished - that’s why whenever you’ve had a really great workout, you get that post-workout glow. Over time you’ll begin to notice an improvement in your skin’s overall health and your post-workout glow lasting well after you finish your workout.

2. skin detox

Sweat, our little by product of exercise, is a wonder when it comes to clearing your complexion. Sweat is your skin’s way of detoxing and clearing out debris. As sweat is released from your pores, and blockages on your skin go with it - basically it’s your skin’s way of detoxing and clearing out debris. As mentioned earlier though, it is really important to ensure you have clean skin before you workout, makeup is a no-go zone if you’re after that flawless complexion.

3. bye bye to puffy eyes

When we exercise, our lymphatic flow is stimulated, thereby reducing any fluid retention - and that includes, tired, puffy eyes and the bags that come along with them.

4. fountain of youth

By working out, we reduce our stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol rears its head whenever we get stressed- be it through work, relationships, or money. This translates to cortisol rapidly enhancing ageing signs like wrinkles, saging, and skin dullness.

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