WELLNESS | June 6, 2018


Nature offers us an abundance of ingredients that are healthy, wholesome, and of course, natural. At Aveda, we use these naturally derived ingredients to create hair products that are gentle and nourishing, but also effective.


Amla is one of the most powerful ingredients that nature has to offer. It’s a star ingredient in a range of hair care products because of its many benefits.


But what is amla, and what can it do for your hair?


Amla, also called Indian gooseberry, is native to the Indian subcontinent. The amla plant is a small tree that produces small yellow fruit, which is used in hair care products and medicines alike. The amla fruit is rich in vitamin C and is known as a rejuvenator. Both amla oil and amla powder have been used in Ayurveda for centuries because of its many benefits, including those for healthy hair.


Food for your hair

Our hair needs constant nourishment to be strong and beautiful. Amla is an ingredient that feeds our hair – literally – because of the dozens of nutrients and minerals contained in the fruit. Amla is not only one of the richest forms of vitamin C; it also provides our hair with an array of antioxidants and amino acids, as well as strengthening properties.


We know amla is packed full of powerful vitamins and minerals, but what do these properties do for your hair?


Some of the most important amla benefits are the plant’s cleansing and healing abilities. Amla contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that can help promote a healthy scalp. Amla can help relieve redness and irritation, leaving behind a strong foundation for your hair.


Amla is also a natural conditioner. The potent properties of the plant nourish your hair, creating radiant shine and touchable softness. The conditioning ability of amla is one of the reasons it’s so beneficial in hair care products. By adding amla to natural hair care products, you’re left with silky smooth hair that shines.


In addition to softness, amla can also add volume to your hair. Amla contains natural thickening properties, helping to lift your hair at the roots and instantly thicken each strand of hair. Products containing amla can leave you with hair that’s naturally thick and lustrous without being weighed down by artificial ingredients. This natural thickening ability is why it features in some of Aveda’s thickening and volumising products.


One of amla’s most impressive benefits is that it is used to instantly thicken to help lift the hair at the root. With so many wonderful benefits for your hair, it’s no wonder amla is a star ingredient in several of our thickening and revitalising hair products.    



At Aveda, we believe in using ingredients from nature to nourish and strengthen hair. Amla is a key ingredient in a range of Aveda hair care products because of its amazing ability to help create thick, lustrous hair.


Thickening Tonic is one product that benefits from amla. Thickening Tonic uses amla to create natural volume while keeping hair silky smooth. The tonic instantly thickens hair and expands strands from roots to ends. The formula is powered by botanicals, including certified organic amla, and is 97% naturally derived*, so you know that it’s good for your hair.


We also use amla in our Invati Advanced™ 3-Step System for thinning hair. The system contains an exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner, and a scalp revitaliser.


Amla exists in the Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitaliser. The revitaliser reduces hair loss due to breakage by 53%^ when used as part of the 3-step system. An innovative blend of tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed penetrates to help support your hair’s natural keratin and keep your hair strong. Our patented bio-fermented blend plus our Ayurvedic herb blend with ginseng and certified organic turmeric invigorate the scalp as you massage the product in. The thickening properties of amla work to instantly thicken and help lift your hair at the root, creating hair that’s full and rejuvenated.


We love using naturally derived ingredients in our hair care products. When it comes to the ingredients offered by nature, amla is a powerhouse. Not only can this fruit nourish and strengthen your scalp, but it also conditions and thickens the hair. With so many benefits, amla for hair is the ingredient you never knew you needed.


We all want hair that’s healthy, voluminous, and strong. Let amla reveal hair that’s touchable smooth and beautifully nourished.


*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.
^Due to breakage from brushing, after using the Invati Advanced™ system for 12 weeks.



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