Q&A with

Ashley Hayman


Find out more about her vegan and eco-conscious lifestyle.

We sat down with vegan icon Ashley Hayman and discussed all that it means to lead a plant-based lifestyle. Ashley has been a vegan for 7 years now and has collaborated with Aveda due to our aligned plant-based ethos. Read on to learn more about Ashley.


1. What inspired you to start transitioning to a more vegan lifestyle?


That's an easy one, my love for animals. I have always felt a very strong connection to animals and growing up they were a big part of my life. I had the usual dogs & cats as pets but I also had frogs, lizards and even snakes. One day I was talking to someone about how much of an animal lover I am and they said to me "Well why do you eat them?" and that really stuck with me.


2. What is your favourite part about being a role model for others looking to live a more sustainable life?


My favourite part would be helping them realise how much is out there & that there is so much to be discovered within the vegan community.


3. What do you wish more people knew about leading a vegan lifestyle?


I wish people knew that it really isn't hard to do and that it is very achievable if you want it to be. Being vegan is so much more common these days and there is a lot more education around it. I think people also feel like they would be missing out on certain things if they went vegan but that's just not the case. There are so many vegan options in our supermarkets now and even restaurants. If there is a non-vegan item you love, 90% of the time you will be able to find a vegan version that is just as good, if not better!


4. What is your favourite Aveda product?


This is a hard one! I love absolutely everything but at the moment I'm loving the Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. It's the perfect leave-in treatment to apply after I've washed my hair, and before blow-drying. It smooths out my hair for the perfect blow-dry whilst keeping the frizziness at bay.


5. What is your favourite vegan meal?


Okay this is a hard one because there are so many amazing vegan dishes out there but I can't go past a good vegan Thai dish.


For more vegan inspiration and lifestyle advice you can follow Ashley at -

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