BEAUTY | April 20, 2020


Master the art of braiding.

Have you had a fear of braiding or always wanted to learn? Want a practical hair style that looks perfectly imperfect on the second day? There are so many styles that you can incorporate a braid into. If you are looking to elevate your simple pony tail or want to experiment with a new do, here are simple braiding techniques that you can learn at home with easy steps to achieve chic and timeless looks.



Step 1: Brush hair into a mid pony tail

Step 2: Comb through the pony tail lightly with control paste™

Step 3: Part the pony tail in two sections

Step 4: Tightly twist one section over the other until entire pony has been braided.


Watch the full step-by-step tutorial here.



Step 1: Brush and smooth out flyway's and frizz with nutriplenish™ leave-in-conditioner. Divide hair in two at the back of the head

Step 2: You can begin braiding from either side. Use your pinky and ring finger to grab a small section of the hair (approximately 1/4" inch) from the back of the one side. Add this section to the other side by folding it over with your hand.

Step 3: After you've added a strand to one side, take your other pinky and grab a 1/4" strand from the back of the other section. Fold it over and add it to your section. Make sure these first few strands are tighter so nothing falls loose.

Step 3: Continue weaving strands from the left and right. You're going to be weaving more or less depending on the thickness of your strands.

Pro tip: For a voluminous, worn-in look, gently pull on pieces of the braid while you hold the end firmly.


Watch the full step-by-step tutorial here



Step 1: Brush out hair. Lightly spray shampure™ dry shampoo through and distribute evenly so that the braids are easier to hold and create a thickness to the hair. Centre part hair into two equal sections anchored by two low ponytails.

Step 2: Tightly braid each side separately in regular three strand braids all the way to the end.

Step 3: Take one braid wrapping all the way around the front of your head just behind your hairline and secure in place with a bobby pin. Repeat with the other braid slightly behind the first braid around the front of the head. Tuck in each braid end to make them hidden.

Step 4: Spray with air control™ hair spray to keep fly aways in tact.


Watch the full step-by-step tutorial here


Whether they're simple and classic or intricate and edgy, a braid is a must in your styling repertoire. Be inspired to create your own beautiful braid styles and plaits. Learn techniques for several braided looks, including the popular fishtail and waterfall styles above – discover more easy how-to tutorials here.