beauty and wellness resolutions to make this new year

That you will actually keep.

We’re rolling toward a New Year and we all have a blank slate and 365 days of possibilities to try something new in 2019. The New Year brings with it the idea of change — changing up your routines, changing out the bad for good, changing your outlook and maybe even changing up your beauty and wellness routines too.


When the New Year hits, you may feel pressured to make a resolution. We get it! Everyone’s talking about it, and nobody likes FOMO. The common “big ticket” resolutions are to begin a fitness program, change your eating habits or start a new job. The focus is usually on a personal goal and if we don’t end up meeting it, we feel deflated. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, on average only 8% of people who make resolutions stick to them. So let’s rethink a resolution. Focus on a few attainable goals or habits that will add a sense of pleasure or well-being to your life. Things that can be fun, like beauty maintenance or simple self-care practices.  For us, it’s being good to our hair by getting regular trims, boosting confidence with a new lip colour, learning to meditate while trying a new face masque or finally taking a leap and going pink!

Here are our top picks for 2019 resolutions that are simple and fun:


Try a new hair colour. May we suggest colour of the year, “Living Coral”? Our Global Artistic Director Ian Michael Black created a gorgeous, vibrant option, but you could easily add a few streaks to your pre-lightened hair if you’re looking for a subtler coral vibe. “It is perfect for those who want to embrace being a redhead, but with soft, warm, feminine undertones. It’s very inviting and light-hearted,” he says of the trending shade. If coral isn’t your thing, Ian’s also feeling the allure of a cool, pearly blonde or a warm, more bronze-toned blonde. Stepping out of your colour comfort zone could lead you to a beautiful new signature shade, but you won’t know until you try!


Treat your hair with extra care. We know, we know —squeezing an appointment into your schedule just to trim off a few inches feels like a pain. But those dead ends have gotta go! If you spent 2018 heat styling, bleaching or physically damaging your hair with combs, brushes and tight styles – make a date with your hair for regular TLC. We suggest trying Damage Remedy and using the Intensive Restructuring Treatment once per week to give your hair extra love in the New Year.


Find time for self-care. Everyone is busy. That’s just a fact of life in the 21st century. But make a point to take some time away from your screens, your desk and your commitments once a day and indulge in some self-care to calm and centre yourself. It can be a nightly bath, a phone call with a friend, quiet time with a book or some meditation. Did you know you can now meditate along with us on Google Home? Just say, “Google, talk to Aveda” to get started!


Bring back your glow. Twenty-eighteen was a tough year for some of us. If your stress is showing on your skin, restore your glow and greet each day of 2019 looking healthy and radiant. Our favourite way to get glowing? Tulasāra! After cleansing in the AM, use the Renew Morning Crème to instantly brighten and smooth fine lines, and in the PM, use the Tulasāra Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye. The ultra-rich crème sleeping masque brightens your skin overnight, and turmeric extract helps even your skin tone over time. Plant stem cells and organic apricot seed oil work together to help support your skin’s natural repair processes, which happen at night. In short, you’re getting your beauty sleep and waking up to a gorgeous glow.


Drink more water. It’s good for you, OK?


Don’t go it alone. If you find you want to try something new but can’t quite stick to it, find a friend and ask if they will be your accountability buddy. If you have a similar goal, you can support each other in moving forward. If you both lack in the self-care department, make time for regular mani-pedi or dinner dates. Sure, it sounds simple, but even making time for that with a friend will add joy into your life.