When the seasons change from Winter to Summer, you may notice that your go-to winter lip shade just doesn’t pop the same way in October as it does in July. You know what that means: it’s time to go lipstick shopping! We chatted with Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason, about her favorite summer shades for everyone — from skin tones to hair colours to gloss fans who aren’t into lipstick but still want to treat themselves to a new tube of Lip Glaze.


First things first, figure out your skin tone. Turn over your arm and check out your veins; if they’re greenish, you have warm undertones. If they’re blue, you have cool undertones. Your hair colour may also affect your lipstick picks; figure out whether you have warm or cool undertones in your colour, and if you need a little help, ask your Aveda Artist! Cooler-toned hair colours look great with blue-based lip colours, and warm-toned colours pop with orange-based shades. Of course, if you really love a colour, wear it!


If you’re into nude and neutral shades …
“Nudes are classic,” Janell says. “You can wear them year-round.” Try Feed My Lips lipstick in Kimi Fig for light to medium skin, Honey Gingerfor medium skin tones, Bronzed Pecan for medium to deep tones or Cacao Beanfor dark skin. A bonus? Feed My Lips lipsticks are long-wearing and contain certified organic cupuacu fruit butter and botanical oils to keep your lips feeling soft and smooth all day long — a major perk as the temperature starts to drop.


If you have cool undertones or ashy dark hair …
“Try Tayberry. It’s a beautiful plum – it’s a great colour,” Janell says. Its purple undertones look gorgeous with cooler shades.


If you’ve just warmed up your hair colour …
“Chili is a warm red and it’s really easy to wear. It’s a warm reddish-brown with a little bit of brightness to it,” Janell explains.


If you’re in the market for a “statement red” …
“Everyone likes a power red!” Janell says, and we agree. For a warmer red, try Goji and Chili. For a classic cherry red, Janell loves Jujube. There truly is a red for everyone in our Feed My Lips lineup!


If you’re afraid of reds but want to try one this season …
You don’t have to go full-on red to make a statement with your lipstick. Janell recommends picking a shade you love and taking baby steps, using it as a stain. “Press the colour onto your lips and use your fingertips to blend it in,” she says.


If you’re a lip gloss fanatic …
Our Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glazes treat your lips to beautiful colour, nourishing moisture and lots of shine. Janell’s fall picks? “Try Spiced Plum if you want something deep, and Bronze Blaze for a ‘90s warm brown,” she says. Her pro tip for making gloss last longer is prepping lips with the Feed My Lips primer.


The sky’s the limit with our lip colour lines — never underestimate the power of layering! “You can layer lip liner under your gloss or gloss on top of lipstick,” Janell explains. “If you want something more neutral, try Loomi or Chestnut with Bronze Blaze. For more vampy looks, I love Spiced Plum with Raisin liner underneath it.” Janell has also embraced the “rose blush” colour trend, and recommends trying glosses in Raspberry Tea or Morning Rose paired with Rose Jicama lipstick for an “earthy rose” look.


What should you do with the rest of your makeup when the seasons change? “Generally you need more colour because you don’t have the sunkissed look from summer,” Janell says. “Add a little more cheek colour for a beautiful fall look!”