The best travel wellness tips for Easter Break and beyond

How to stay healthier and happier when you’re on vacation

Vacation, while soothing for the soul, can be disorienting to the body. You may find yourself straying from your normal healthy routine  and possibly exposing your body to extreme climates. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the process, says Helga Hefner, Manager of Professional Skin and Spa Education at Aveda. Here’s how to take your trip and thrive while you’re at it:


1. Drink more (warm) water. “Drinking hot water in the morning before anything else passes your lips is an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique believed to help your body metabolise food from the previous day,” says Helga. If drinking hot water doesn’t sound appetising to you, try it at room temperature or add some lemon or mint to make it more palatable. It’s so important to stay hydrated while traveling — anyone who’s been on an airplane knows how dry and dehydrating the cabin can feel!

2. Be consistent with meal and bedtimes. The more predictable things are for your body, the easier it will acclimate to the newness of your environment on vacation. Try to stick with a schedule so you don’t feel off track when you return from your trip.

3. Get up early. “When you get up with the sun, you bring the energy of lightness to your day. If you get up later, you bring in the energy of lethargy and it will stay with you all day long,” says Helga. Plus, getting up early gives you more time to sightsee and have new adventures!

4. Don’t neglect your skin care routine! If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outside during your trip, it’s crucial that you use an SPF. Sunscreen should be the last step in your skin care routine; apply it on top of your daily AM moisturiser before heading out for the day, and toss it in your bag to reapply when necessary. Peeling skin and sunburn are not great souvenirs!