BEAUTY | October 1, 2018


Beachy waves and styles that stay are
just a few spritzes away with our new
Brand Ambassador Elyse Knowles!

Have you heard the news? Last month we officially welcomed Elyse Knowles to the Aveda Tribe as she stepped into our National Hair Care Brand Ambassador role to represent the Aveda Way!


Check out our behind-the-scenes beauty shoot on how our Aveda Artist Rory Calasse created naturally tousled and touchable texture, that looks effortlessly undone, with our favourite cult styling products!


AVEDA ARTIST PRO TIPS: Aveda Artist Rory Calasse

• Spritz Volumizing Tonic through the root area and Thickening Tonic on the mid-lengths and ends. Volumizing Tonic creates root lift whereas Thickening Tonic expands the individual strands making the overall hair have a luscious feel.

• When using a curling iron, once all the hair has been waved puff some Shampure™ Dry Shampoo through the hair, then run your fingers through the hair to start to separate the texture and soften the waves.

• If your hair starts to drop during the day then reapply Shampure™ Dry Shampoo, Texture Tonic and Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray while your hair is flipped upside down. When you flip your hair back the volume and texture will reappear