BEAUTY | APRIL 27, 2018



Shampoo and conditioner have long been the staples of hair care. The products have been around for decades, and while choices have grown immensely, they still serve to clean and nourish your hair.


Cleansing and conditioning are both important steps in keeping hair healthy, but many women have begun to wonder if they can cut shampoo from their regular regimen.


It turns out the best shampoo and conditioner combination may, in fact, favour conditioner while taking it easy on the shampoo. One of the most popular methods of conditioning without regular shampooing is co washing.


Co wash, short for ‘conditioner washing,’ is a hair care method in which the hair is both cleansed and conditioned using one product, rather than the traditional shampoo and conditioner combination.

Can conditioner be applied without shampoo?


When you co-wash, you use only one product to cleanse the scalp of build-up and condition the strands of hair. Utilising just one product means skipping the shampoo in favour of conditioner, although many co washers still use shampoo occasionally to give the hair a deep clean and restore the scalp.


Co washing is particularly popular among women who have curly, frizzy, or dry hair. While Aveda has formulated conditioners for all hair types, several formulas are designed specifically for curly and dry hair.


People co wash to try and make their hair healthier, sleeker, and more nourished. The co washing method is especially common among women that struggle with dry, brittle, or frizzy hair.


Different hair types have different tendencies, which means hair care regimens need to be tailored to suit each type of hair. This is particularly true for those with long, curly hair. Curly or textured hair tends to be naturally drier than straight hair. Because of the tendency to be dry, the strands can more easily become brittle or wiry.


That means that curly or textured hair needs gentle, moisturising care. Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair tends to be moisturising, but some women decide to take their regimen a step further by eliminating regular shampooing. Many people co wash because conditioner is gentle on their hair and adds the nourishment they need. While some shampoos can dry out hair, conditioner infuses moisture and shine.


Can conditioner be applied without shampoo?

If you’re on the search for shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair, you might try the co washing method to see how it works with your hair type, with be curly™ co wash.


If you’re ready to trade in your existing regimen for co wash, it’s important to consider your conditioner options. Being successful with co washing is all about finding out which products work for your hair type. Several conditioning products are targeted at specific hair struggles, like dryness or flatness.


Aveda has created a wide range of conditioners that are formulated for all types of hair. Be Curly™ conditioner is designed to fight frizz and boost shine. Scalp Benefits™ balancing conditioner soothes and balances the scalp, and Pure Abundance™ volumising clay conditioner adds volume to fine hair.


With a wide range to choose from, you’ll be able to find the product that best serves your hair type.


If your hair needs a little extra love between washes, a leave-in or dry conditioner might help keep your locks soft and supple. Aveda’s Shampure™ thermal dry conditioner uses certified organic jojoba and sunflower oils to help condition and detangle your hair between washes.


Shampoo and conditioner may be the traditional hair care combo, but it may not be the only option. Other methods, such as co wash, may help tackle common problems such as dryness, brittleness, and frizz.


Whether you struggle with dry hair or just want to test a different hair care method, using co wash is a great place to start.