Elyse loves
botanical repair™

Discover why our ambassador
Elyse Knowles loves botanical repair™


The ratings and reviews are in for our new botanical repair™ range and they don’t fall short of anyone’s expectations – especially Elyse Knowles our Australian ambassador.


The new plant powered range delivers instant stronger and healthier hair which is why the blonde beauty has been raving about the range since it’s launch.


Elyse’s hair journey with Aveda stemmed from her love of natural and vegan hair products 2 years ago where she fell in love with the damage remedy™ range. Although there is a loyalty that lies with damage remedy™, botanical repair™ is formulated with Aveda’s most up-to-date technology to provide a different, more holistic approach for strength and repair.


With regular visits to the salon to maintain her blonde and being constantly active, Elyse’s hair is frequently subject to damage: chemical damage from bleaching, physical damage from wearing it in a pony during workouts, heat damage from frequent styling, and environmental damage from being out in the sun. Only Botanical Repair addresses three layers of damage repair – the cortex, cuticle and F-layer – making it the perfect franchise for her hair needs.


“Since using botanical repair™, my hair looks so shiny and it feels so soft and strong which is a big deal for me” says Elyse. “I can already feel the difference after using it once! The great thing about this range is that the bond multiplying technology is used in every product in the range so you can guarantee stronger, healthier hair with any product you use”


The new botanical repair™ masques comes in both a light and deep. At Aveda we don’t discriminate hair types which is why it was so important for Aveda to develop a product for all hair types, and everyone loves a good treatment masque!


“I use the light masque once or twice a week, depending on what I’ve put my hair through. I have thin hair but lots of it! I also like to sleep in the light masque over night for a deep condition and give my hair some extra TLC. Another hair hack is I’ll use the masque as a conditioner and make sure I shampoo and condition first. Once I've washed and scrubbed my body it’s time to rinse out the masque. My hair always feels so light and fresh every time I use this range. It always makes my entire bathroom smell like an Aveda Spa, no complaints here!”