Em Hanney’s tips and tricks

on a sustainable future


Let’s celebrate Aveda’s Earth Month!

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m an ocean & travel photographer. Just a little bit about myself, I’m British and now live in Australia. I made the move here 3 years ago after graduating (BSc Hons Environmental Science) to follow my dreams - it was a big step and I was faced with many challenges, but it was the best decision I ever made.

Now, I combine my passions and work with companies with eco-conscious values and photograph the natural world. My goal is to share the beauty of the ocean, create conversations and show the need to protect it through photography.


Take us through your beauty routine:


Spending so much time in the ocean means I really have to spend extra time on my hair & skin. After long days out in the sun my go-to is the botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment! Keeping my hair conditioned is key otherwise the salt water just strips it. It’s great because I can leave it in my bag and add to dry or wet hair. It instantly de-tangles and keep my hair looking soft and shiny. As for skincare, SPF always. The sun care protective hair veil is also great to protect your hair from UV rays.


What are some things you want the world to know about sustainability:


It is such a huge topic and I think there is so many different scales to talk about it on – from government policies to individual choices. But if you are looking to become more sustainable today from your own choices, less is more. I think swapping out for more sustainable options is always key, but also not buying things you don’t need.

Overconsumption and not making use of what we have is a huge reason for the amount of waste we have. For example, instead of buying from fast-fashion brands, invest in quality pieces that will last years. Every product we purchase has an environmental footprint so choosing brands that make a conscious effort to reduce theirs is important.

Also, if you can become more plant-based that is great - the production of meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

I always say doing something is better than nothing.


Sustainable brands you love:


Zorali has the best outdoor gear and their ethics are amazing. I also love Fjallraven & Sunbutter. I have a whole list of swimwear brands I love but there's just too many!


Any tips and tricks for a more sustainable future?


- Reduce your waste
- Go plant based
- Support sustainable brands
- Say no to single-use plastic

There are so many great films that highlight the importance of sustainable living, WaterBear is a great network with lots of conservation films all in one place.