Choosing the right gift for the guys in your life can be tough. It requires balancing what they already have with what they need, and what they’ll actually use. Maybe you’re thinking of Father’s Day and are looking for gifts for Dad. Or perhaps you just need gift ideas for men, whether it’s for your partner, brothers, uncles or friends.


For an expert opinion, we turned to Aveda Artist and real-life dad Ronnie Appel for his top hair care and body care essentials for men, and how to use them. Plus, Ronnie spills his favourite gifts to give, his desert-island product and more in a Q & A session.


Let’s help you find the right shower tools with Ronnie’s go-to products, expert advice and gifts for men.




So his hair is thinning…


As an experienced Aveda Artist, many of Ronnie’s clients come to him with concerns of hair thinning. He recommends the 94% naturally derived* invati men system to help thicken hair and help keep the hair they have.** The 2-step system includes invati men nourishing exfoliating shampoo and invati men scalp revitalizer.


The first step is to cleanse and exfoliate the scalp. A clean scalp helps promote healthy-looking hair, which is why it’s essential to remove impurities and dead skin cells from the scalp for a clean foundation. Formulated with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, the invati men nourishing exfoliating shampoo helps remove build-up and excess sebum (aka oil) that can clog pores. It renews the scalp and conditions to help strengthen thinning hair.


The second step uses invati men scalp revitalizer, which was created with amla to instantly thicken hair at the root. A potent blend of plant actives helps invigorate the scalp when massaged in. When used with invati men nourishing exfoliating shampoo, this 2-step system reduces hair loss. ** Give your dad, boyfriend, or any other guy the shower tools he needs to help strengthen thinning hair.



Ronnie’s how-to:

Ronnie tells his clients to first thoroughly shampoo with invati men nourishing exfoliating shampoo, then rinse. Next, part hair down the center. Apply invati men scalp revitalizer to scalp and then repeat on the left and right sides of the scalp. Massage in and do not rinse, just style hair as normal. It might tingle a little, but don’t worry—that means the potent plant actives are at work!




Favourite styling essentials


Ronnie’s list of go-to styling products start with our 98% naturally derived* nutriplenish leave-in conditioner, from the vegan, silicone and paraben free nutriplenish collection. As a hair care staple, Ronnie loves using this lightweight leave in conditioner to help tame frizzy hair.


Perfect for all hair types and textures, it’s formulated with omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil that will help make any man’s hair soft and more manageable. We also harnessed the power of sand ginger to create a naturally derived UV filter, that helps protect hair from the drying effects of the sun. And if the guys in your life use a blow dryer, nutriplenish leave-in conditioner protects hair from thermal styling up to 450 degrees, for a gift he’ll use daily.


Ronnie also recommends aveda men pure-formance grooming clay. A product of simplicity and high performance, this styling clay easily creates texture with a strong, pliable hold and leaves a no-fuss matte finish. Your dad, brother or guy friend will love its spray formula, which gives control to create any style. What’s more, this is a gift you can feel good about giving: it’s packaged in a jar made of 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE, which helps keep new plastic out of landfills.


Ronnie's how-to:

To style hair, vigorously shake nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and spray liberally all over hair. Next, dispense a dime-sized amount or less of aveda men pure-formance grooming clay into hand, and rub hands together to distribute evenly on both hands. Starting at the back of the head, gently apply over entire head and style as desired.


Pro-tip: for added shine, use a tiny amount of aveda men pure-formance pomade and mix into the clay before applying.





Must-have head-to-toe collection


Ronnie’s ultimate mens hair care and body care recommendation is the silicone, paraben and mineral free rosemary mint collection. A reason to skip morning coffee, this best-selling collection features an invigorating aroma and cooling effect that helps kick start the day. Featuring an essential oil blend of certified organic rosemary, peppermint and spearmint, the scent of each product helps energise, awaken the senses and improve focus.


Upgrade your giftee’s shower tools and routine with our 97% naturally derived* rosemary mint purifying shampoo and rosemary mint weightless conditioner. This shampoo is formulated with micelles to gently remove product build-up and other impurities without disrupting the natural balance of scalp & hair. White vinegar helps to gently purify and hair is left feeling squeaky clean.


Our rosemary mint weightless conditioner uses plant-based conditioners to add body and help prevent tangles and static. And to round out the perfect mens shower set trio, add on our rosemary mint hand and body wash. Its gentle cleansing formula helps restore skin’s balance for frequent washing. Ronnie tells us this collection is a perfectly-priced option and a great line for men who want a rejuvenating feeling every day.


Ronnie’s how-to:

Massage rosemary mint purifying shampoo into wet hair and take in the invigorating zing of the aroma. Rinse out and follow with rosemary mint weightless conditioner. Massage conditioner into hair and rinse. Lastly, wet hands and work rosemary mint hand and body wash into a creamy lather. Apply to wet skin. When finished cleansing, rinse thoroughly.




Dad gifts and more: Ronnie tells all

We asked Ronnie a few quick questions for even more advice.


1. Which Aveda gifts do you give the men in your own life?

“Any of the aveda men pure-formance line makes for great gifts for dads, brothers, uncles and friends. Drop in the aveda wooden mini paddle brush and you’ll make the gift memorable.”


2. You’re stranded on a desert island and only can have one hair product. Which would you pick?

“This is a tough one, but I choose the aveda men pure-formance grooming clay. It’s an easy-to-use product that works well wet or dry, and I’m sure it would have a cool effect mixed with saltwater.”


3. As a father of two little boys, what is one piece of hair wisdom learned from your father that you’ll pass along?

“When your hair looks good, you feel good.”




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*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

**Due to breakage in a clinical test of the invati men™ system after 12 weeks.