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Your hair is part of who you are and just as you treat your skin with skin care rituals, your hair deserves the same kind of daily TLC. We’ll share our favorite regimens that connect hair care with self care tips, plus walk you through expert hydrating hair routines for different hair types from Aveda Artists Allen Ruiz, Global Artistic Director of Hair Styling, and Heggy Gonzalez, Aveda Hair Color Purefessional.



Care for your mind, body and scalp


Giving your hair the kind of love and attention it needs is a form of self-care, and it all begins at the scalp. A healthy scalp is integral for creating healthy-looking hair because hair grows at the root. We often don’t think about incorporating scalp care into our daily routines, but you can kick start the habit with a soothing scalp massage, our go-to scalp ritual.


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We make this ritual beneficial for your hair by incorporating our nutriplenish multi-use hair oil, a do-it-all super-product from our hyper hydrating 94% naturally derived* nutriplenish hair care collection. The drying effects of the sun can make your scalp dry, and also leave your hair dry, brittle and vulnerable. Since your scalp is skin, just like the skin on your face, it’s important to treat scalp care like skin care and hydrate regularly.

Our 100% naturally derived* nutriplenish multi-use hair oil contains a concentrated blend of 5 power oils: avocado oil, jojoba oil, mango oil, coconut oil and organic pomegranate seed oil. This formula delivers the ultra hydration a dry scalp needs. It also revitalizes dull, dry hair with superfood-infused moisture, instantly nourishing while adding radiant shine.


In addition to providing benefits for your hair as a dry scalp treatment, a scalp massage offers relaxation and a moment of me-time. This at-home spa ritual puts self-care front and center for your mind and body—simply stimulating the scalp can help clear your thoughts and relieve tension. The scalp contains hundreds of nerve endings, which is why a scalp massage can feel amazing!


In our increasingly busy days filled with screen time, giving yourself the chance to disconnect and focus on your breathing during the ritual can help increase your mindfulness. Discover our easy step-by-step guide for our scalp ritual below.



Step 1: Relax your breathing. Take three deep breaths, counting to 3 for the inhale and 3 for the exhale.


Step 2: With light, circular motions, invigorate the scalp with your aveda wooden paddle brush.


Step 3: Softly apply nutriplenish multi-use hair oil to your scalp. Take a moment to deeply inhale its luscious aroma. Massage in a circular motion with your fingers, concentrating on the five key pressure points.


Step 4: Continue massaging along the sides of your head, ending with your temples. Connect with your present self, taking note of how your fingers feel on your scalp.


Step 5: Finish with a warm shower, and use your preferred nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner (we’ll explain the difference between our light or deep moisture formulas below) to add more nutrient-powered hydration to your hair. Continue to focus on the present sensations (the feeling of the water, the aroma of the shampoo) until you’re done. Repeat daily.


After you’ve completed this ritual, take a moment to thank yourself. A self-care routine doesn’t have to feel indulgent—taking the time to care for your body and soul can be part of a healthier lifestyle.




Discover your hydrating hair ritual


Your new daily scalp regimen can be paired with hair care rituals that focus on restoring hydration and moisture for lush, manageable hair. Our high-performance nutriplenish collection was formulated to deliver hydration to all hair types and textures, infused with vegan superfood ingredients like organic pomegranate seed oil, mango butter and coconut oil.


We developed two systems, Light Moisture and Deep Moisture, so you can choose the nourishing nutriplenish that’s right for your hair. Light Moisture offers fast absorbing oils for those that want a lighter formula. Deep Moisture gives hair, specifically hair in need of detangling, the rich, buttery moisture it craves, with 50% more butters.


Not sure which system your hair needs? Aveda Artists Allen Ruiz and Heggy Gonzalez have you covered with their expert hydrating hair care routines for different hair types.




Aveda model "Fine to Medium Hair" before and after.

If your hair is somewhere in between fine and medium density, then Allen says you’ll want to use the nutriplenish light moisture system, found in the nutriplenish light hydration set, along with the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner. Our leave-in conditioner hydrates and replenishes hair for 72 hours while detangling and protecting from thermal styling up to 450° F. It’s also a must-have hair product to help protect hair from the drying effects of the sun. Here is Allen’s hair care routine for smooth, hydrated hair:

Like damaged hair, there are a number of factors and situations that can lead to dry hair. Overwashing, sun exposure, extreme heat, chlorine and heat styling are just a few of the ways hair can become dehydrated and depleted of lipids. Lipids are the part of your hair shaft that helps keep it healthy, shiny, manageable and strong.


Step 1: Use the nutriplenish shampoo light moisture, followed by the nutriplenish conditioner light moisture.


Step 2: Next, Allen recommends using the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner, spraying 2 pumps on the ends and one on the mid shaft of hair. Work the product into hair with your fingers, to detangle hair and add moisture.


Step 3: For an easy blow dry, he says to turn your head upside-down and blow dry roots. Once hair is 40% dry, section off hair and use the aveda wooden paddle brush to blow dry. “This type of hair dries really fast,” Allen says. “So after you blow dry the roots, you want to leave hair a little more damp before using the paddle brush.”



For hair that’s medium to coarse, you can also use the nutriplenish light moisture system and the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner. To achieve hydrated, shiny hair with this hair type, Allen recommends the below hair ritual:


Step 1: Start by using the nutriplenish shampoo light moisture, and then the nutriplenish conditioner light moisture.


Step 2: Reach for the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to add more buildable hydration to hair. Allen uses the “3-2-1” application method. This method refers to the amount of sprays of product you use, as you move up the hair, starting from the ends.


“Start at the end with 3 pumps, then apply 2 pumps to the mid lengths, and 1 pump at the roots,” Allen advises. “You can increase or decrease the amount of sprays depending on the conditioning needs of your hair.”


Step 3: Let the leave-in conditioner set on hair for 20-30 seconds. Starting at ends, work to detangle, all the way up to the roots.


Step 4: To blow dry hair, turn head upside-down and blow dry roots. Once hair is 90% dry, section off hair and use paddle brush to finish blow drying.




Aveda model "Coarse or curly hair" before and after.

If you have coarse or curly hair, or subtle to medium coils (the model below is 4a-4b hair type) your hair will need deeper hydration. Heggy recommends the nutriplenish deep moisture system, found in the nutriplenish deep hydration set, nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and the nutriplenish multi-use hair oil. For beautifully defined, hydrated curls, Heggy recommend this routine:

Step 1: First use the nutriplenish shampoo deep moisture, and then the nutriplenish conditioner deep moisture.


Step 2: Grab the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to detangle hair, and use the 3,2,1 method. If hair is on the denser side, use 6, 4 and 2 pumps on the ends, mid lengths and roots, respectively. To ensure the best curls possible, Heggy tells us that it’s important to detangle the hair with the conditioner in hair. “This really can help enhance an amazing curl pattern,” she says.


Step 3: Once detangled, use 3-4 pumps of nutriplenish multi-use hair oil, mainly on the ends of the hair and areas where you want more curl control.


Step 4: To dry hair, Heggy advises to only diffuse where it’s needed. “When you want the hair to mostly air dry, just use the diffuser in areas where the curl pattern is not as strong, so you can set that pattern in,” Heggy says.






*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.