Hair needs a healthy foundation
to grow long and strong.

Hair needs a healthy foundation to grow long and strong, so if you’re seeking radiant, shiny hair, it's time to consider the source: your scalp! Often care for the scalp gets forgotten but including it in your hair care routine can produce amazing results for your mane.


At Aveda, we take scalp care seriously having developed an entire range of products and services to ensure the skin on your head is in its healthiest state. Here are a few ways to care for it at home and at your next salon visit:


A firm pressure therapeutic massage will help to stimulate blood flow and encourage the natural hair fall cycle. Work in sections using light friction motions moving from the hairline back towards the nape of the neck. You can also use a dedicated Exfoliating Scalp Brush to help remove build up and allow an optimum distribution natural oils to keep roots nourished and healthy.


If you’re performing massage in the shower whilst shampooing, be sure to wash hair in lukewarm - not hot! - water. High temperatures can further irritate the scalp making it red and flaky. Once out of the shower, a brush with gentle bristles that flex as you brush from root to tip makes for easier detangling and therefore less stress on your stands, especially when your hair is wet. We love the Wooden Paddle Brush which is also ideal for smoothing the hair during hot tools styling to create a glossy finished look. Made of lightweight, sustainable honey wood, the Paddle Brush is an ideal gift for Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any gifting occasion.






Are you experiencing a flaky scalp due to dandruff, seeing more hair on your brush than usual or just curious about your scalp health? Head to an Aveda store or salon* for professional advice and a complimentary Hair & Scalp check: our innovative scalp camera magnifies the eye-level view of the scalp by 600%, helping to identify overall scalp health issues as well as hair density, pore size and imbalances.


Visit your nearest Aveda Experience Centre and relax with a calming up of caffeine-free, certified organic Aveda tea whilst your Expert performs a complete analysis and suggests a personalised hair & scalp care regimen.