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100% vegan


Start the new year with vegan choices.

Cruelty-free since our inception in 1978, Aveda has always been guided by a planet-first mission of care. One year ago, we achieved a true milestone: becoming 100% vegan, now and forever.

From plant-based hair care to mindfully made body care, our groundbreaking 100% vegan pledge reflects our founding ethos that our well-being is inextricably tied to the planet’s. Creating 100% vegan products is a small yet powerful step in honoring the Earth.

Help us celebrate this anniversary and begin the new year with a resolution to care for yourself and the world around you. We invite you to join us in supporting #Veganuary*—a global movement for vegan choices—and marvel in the transformative impact of your decisions.


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Our journey as pioneers in plant-science


Our 100% vegan journey has been defined by progress and innovation. Aveda chemists have long been tasked with crafting high-performance hair care, body care and beauty products using plant-based ingredients, all while avoiding an ever-growing list of harsh ingredients.

But becoming 100% vegan was an immense step forward in our legacy of care and innovation. As a cruelty-free brand, we’ve never tested on animals—and avoided animal ingredients whenever possible. Yet beeswax remained in a small number of products: a formulation challenge deftly addressed with ingenuity. Finding a high-performance alternative was a labor of love, but we are proud to no longer create products with beeswax—ultimately achieving our goal of 100% vegan formulation.



Humble honeybees are truly heroes of the global supply chain. These busy bees act as essential pollinators for crops like almonds, avocados and cherries. Unfortunately, the honeybee population has been adversely affected by pesticide use, habitat loss and other complex issues in recent years. All of which, as well as the ethical debate behind sourcing their beeswax, inspired us to eliminate this ingredient in honor of our buzzy friends.

After years of research and countless ingredient testing, we removed beeswax from our formulas, opting for a high-performance plant butter-derived alternative. Since then, we’ve seen the exponential impact of this decision take shape. In the past year alone, we’ve saved a year's worth of beeswax due to our transition to a plant-based alternative.

Beyond our 100% vegan formulations, we’re also committed to creating and preserving a healthy, thriving population of bees. Since 2013, our Blaine, Minnesota headquarters—certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation—has been home to over 100,000 healthy, thriving honeybees.


Discover the power of high-performance vegan hair care


As we continue to push forward with plant-powered progress in 2022, we invite you to join us in our mission of care. By supporting #Veganuary, a movement advocating for vegan choices, you can make one small change with the Earth at heart. Our 100% vegan hair care collections are an inspired place to start, offering high-performance results without compromise.




If you’re seeking to remedy damaged hair, our botanical repair collection offers dynamic solutions to soften and strengthen stressed tresses. Its plant-derived, 100% vegan bond-building technology focuses on the three key layers of hair, repairing each strand from the inside out.





For dry hair craving essential hydration, our superfood-infused nutriplenish collection delivers lush, visibly healthy hair. Star ingredients such as organic pomeranate seed oil hydrate and revitalize strands, delivering replenished results without compromise.





Discover our definitive solution for fine, thin and thinning hair: invati advanced. Our plant-powered hair care collection uses amla, turmeric and japanese knotweed to reduce hair loss due to breakage from brushing as well as lift hair at the root to enhance thickness and amplify volume.





Kick off the new year by embracing the
transformative power of 100% vegan choices.