Salon Spotlight:

Roji Salon


Discover the Aveda Salon in the heart of Australia’s Capital city, Canberra.

We interviewed Jason, the salon owner of Roji to get the inside scoop on this Aveda salon.


Please share a summary of your salon, and what makes it so special.


In Japan, a ‘roji’ (dewy path) is a small garden between the main house and the tea house (cha-shitsu) where tea ceremonies take place.

Our salon, Roji, is a retreat from the outside world. We view our clients as guests, and many view us as true friends. In our intimate salon they receive the highest level of care, and current styling advice.

Beginning with a delicate essential oil massage to help them unwind, each guest is treated to Aveda products selected for their specific needs and preference. Our offering of Aveda Hand Relief is also much appreciated. Our choice of teas is served in handcrafted teapots and sipped from small stoneware cups.


Roji’s separate quiet room is a serene space for our hair and scalp cleansing ritual, private consultations, and alone time. Guests look out to native grasstrees moving softly in the breeze. Soothing contemplative music plays quietly.

We aim to elevate the experience of cleansing, cutting and styling to a level of contemplative pleasure, like the ritual tea ceremony. It is important that each guest leaves our salon feeling renewed and rejuvenated.



What is the most rewarding part of owning a hair salon?


At Roji, I feel we are rewarded by the satisfaction and well-being of the people who trust us, who trust me – the guests we see each day.

I have formed some special relationships. I love working in such a beautiful space and showcasing high quality hair. I also have ten staff, so it is a joy to train and teach my stylists – they teach me things too.

I love and respect good intentional living design - in my work with people’s hair, in the salon with simple warm and considered service, and in fashion, food, gardens, art and architecture. Good style doesn't need complexity. Indeed, good living doesn’t need complexity, and as they say, ‘simplicity is the essence of good design’.


How did you become a hairdresser and what inspired you?


It began when I was very young. I’d go with my mother to her hair appointments in town where she had her regular perm. While people fussed and clattered around chatting noisily, the highlights for me were the hair and fashion magazines. I recall being almost mesmerised by the iconic magazine MODE. It was large format. And had amazing photographs of stylish haircuts - classic and sharp bobs and style cuts with strong asymmetric shaping. I was really influenced by these simple but beautiful images.

I was awakened to the world of design… and I do believe that started my journey and Roji’s story.

At high school I spent my weekends at a local salon. I knew hair styling was the career path for me. I started my apprenticeship in Canberra at 16, was awarded Australian Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year at 19 and I was an ACT Hairdresser of the Year finalist at 21. At 25 I started my own business, a salon in a 5-star hotel just down from Australia’s Parliament House. From this experience I learned just what I could do and where to focus my energy, passion and values. My next step was opening Roji in 2014.


What are some of your biggest accomplishments?


Roji is located in the unique, internationally recognised, Nishi building. It is Canberra’s most sustainable building and was named ‘International Project of the Year’ in the London based 2015 International Building Awards.

To bring the concept and design for Roji to life I worked closely with Craig Tan Architects. The salon reflects our shared values and aligns beautifully with Aveda values.

We won Salon Design of the Year 2015, which was a huge achievement for us as we opened in 2014. Our salon has been featured in Artichoke Magazine and featured in design awards. In September we celebrated our 9th year of business, so of course I am extremely proud of everything we have achieved in those nine years.


What are the most popular services guests have in your salon?


Our guests tell us that they love being able to come in, relax and trust that they will walk out with hair that looks fantastic, style cuts and colours that will last, and feeling uplifted and confident. So, I think they appreciate the subtle balance of services and experience … the whole package.


Do you believe that sustainable salons are the future?


Absolutely, I do believe this. Our practices, our products and our partnership with Aveda showcase this commitment. We know our clientele appreciate this as well. Roji guests want to be involved in small ways to make our planet better, little things like getting your hair done at an Aveda salon, they know it’s something they can do and also enjoy.


Any advice for aspiring stylists or salon owners?


Get back to basics, learn, learn more, and excel at hairdressing fundamentals. Look for sustainable practices and products – it will be good for the well-being of your business, your guests, and for you. Check in with yourself about the values that matter to you. Be creative and bold if that is you, but also be thoughtful and considerate.

Visit Roji Salon
Nishi Building, 25 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra ACT 2601
Instagram: @_rojisalon