Self-care ideas for sunday pampering

Sunday Pampering: 5 Self-Care Rituals to Practice While at Home

Discover all our self-care ideas for the perfect pampering day

There’s no day like Sunday to unwind and recharge your batteries. With lockdowns across many states forcing us to slow down and stay home, it’s important to dedicate some time to self-care, and what better way than by creating your own at-home spa experience?


Whether you want to enjoy an entire day of pampering or only have 20 minutes for a quick pick-me-up, today’s wellness and self-care ideas are simple but can make all the difference in your mindset.


Add them to your Sunday self-care routine and you’ll be more than ready for the week ahead!


Make yourself a fruit-infused water


Hydration starts from within and having something to sip on while you pamper yourself is a must. A glass of water does the job, but it’s not the most exciting beverage for your DIY spa day, so why not add a little extra to your refreshment by incorporating some fruit?

You can use any fruits you’d like, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, these are our two favourite fruit water recipes:


Lemon and blueberries


How to make it: Add 4 slices of lemon and 10 blueberries to 250ml of water.


Lemon water has gained a lot of popularity over the years and rightly so: thanks to its vitamin C, lemon helps strengthen your immune system, while also nourishing your skin, and reducing signs of aging and sun damage.


The blueberries are the perfect finishing touch to your drink, as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, promoting healthy skin and hair.


Strawberries, lime and mint


How to make it: Add ⅓ cup of sliced strawberries, 2 slices of lime and a few leaves of fresh mint to 250 ml of water.


Also rich in vitamin C, both strawberries and lime are great natural solutions if you’re looking to promote hair growth, or minimise dandruff and improve the health of your scalp. The mint adds that extra freshness that will make you feel truly re-energised!


Give yourself a scalp massage


If you have ever gotten a scalp massage at a spa, you know just how soothing it is. The good news is, you can do it yourself and feel just as relaxed.


Even more than stress-relieving, a gentle self scalp massage is beneficial for many other reasons. When done daily, giving your hair follicles a little bit of love can promote hair growth and thickness, particularly if you use an invigorating scalp spray, like our invati advanced scalp revitalizer, or a powerful hair and scalp oil. Additionally, scalp massages are an excellent natural remedy to those annoying head and neck pains you may get after a week of work.


If you’re wondering how to give yourself a scalp massage: start by finding a peaceful spot in your home, put on some relaxing tunes, and apply light to medium pressure to your scalp, moving around in small circles. Simple, yet effective!




Nourish your hair with a hair mask...


By delivering high concentrations of powerful ingredients, hair masks work like deep conditioning treatments and using the right one for your hair type and concerns can be a great addition to your hair care routine.


Opting for naturally-derived products isn’t only safer for you and better for the environment, but it’s also a lot gentler on your scalp and hair. Aveda’s range of vegan hair masks features something for everyone - be curly intensive detangling masque for curly hair, botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light for damaged hair, and more - all packed with incredibly revitalising ingredients.


Whichever one you choose, let it sit for five minutes, rinse well with lukewarm water, and give your hair the reset it needs.


… and your skin with a hydrating face mask


Putting on a reinvigorating face mask at the end of the day is the perfect way to let go of any stress and get at least 10 relaxing minutes to yourself.


Just like with hair masks, picking a naturally derived face mask that suits your skin type and needs is crucial to achieving the best results and effectively targeting any skincare concerns you might have.


If you’re looking to moisturise and add a natural, dewy glow to your face, go for a creamy face mask that will deeply replenish your skin. If, on the other hand, you want to draw out any impurities and dead cells from the skin’s surface, a clay mask or face scrub is exactly what you need.


While the face mask does its magic, pick up a book, listen to positive affirmations or meditate for an extra dose of zen!


Enjoy a nutritious, plant-based meal


The food you eat is a big part of your wellness, so why not end your pampering day with a delicious, vegan meal? Supercharging your body with all the best nutrients will make you feel your best - plus, your hair and skin benefit as well!


One of our favourite recipes is the Quinoa, Mint & Chickpea Salad, a colourful bowl packed with plant-based proteins, vitamins A and B, and more. If you’re craving some carbs, this Vegan Zoodle Spaghetti Puttanesca combines the best of both worlds for a pasta dish with a healthy twist. To satisfy your sweet tooth, get a scoop of your favourite sorbet and finish it off with a drizzle of homemade pomegranate molasses.


Putting some time and energy into your wellness is an excellent way of keeping your spirits high during challenging times, and even small self-care rituals like enjoying a refreshing glass of lemon water or putting on a face mask can make all the difference. Treat yourself!