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Featuring our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection

It’s time to soak up the last days of summer—not harsh, drying hair care ingredients.


Cue: The ultra-hydrating, 100% vegan nutriplenish collection. Free of silicones and sulfate cleansers—common additives that can negatively impact the look and feel of your hair—nutriplenish relies instead on a powerful superfood complex to revitalise strands, with ingredients such as organic coconut oil, lipid-rich mango butter and replenishing organic pomegranate oil. These superfoods penetrate the hair shaft to help lock in hydration, leaving hair lush, nourished and visibly healthy. Below, we’re delving into the thoughtful choices that power our superfood-infused nutriplenish system and how each reflects our mission to care for you and the Earth.





You may be seeing “silicone-free” everywhere—but what are silicones, anyway? Silicones are common hair care additives that coat strands, blocking out humidity and sealing in shine. Unfortunately, they can also prevent hair from absorbing moisture-boosting ingredients and weigh down strands, resulting in dry, lifeless hair. In developing nutriplenish, we consciously avoided using silicones. Instead, we opted for a trio of plant-derived substitutes to infuse hair with weightless, smoothing hydration. Featuring olive squalane, our silicone ingredient delivers silky, touchable, visibly healthier hair, without the impact on the environment.




Sulfates are detergents that produce a sudsy lather. While squeaky-clean bubbles may be satisfying, some research has indicated sulfate cleansers may cause skin and eye irritation for sensitive skin types. When used in hair care products, these scrubbers can also be a little too efficient, stripping hair of its natural, protective oils. Featuring ingredients like replenishing, omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil, both nutriplenish shampoo light moisture and nutriplenish shampoo deep moisture are sulfate cleanser-free, cleansing hair without stripping it of its all-important moisture.




At Aveda, our mission is to care for the world
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