Top 7 Makeup Tips for Spring Tips for Spring


How to achieve a flawless look through the season

Our makeup guru Helen Samaryan always knows how to achieve the most long-lasting, spring face.


Read on to discover her best 7 makeup hacks for spring.


1. Adjust your skincare routine to the change of season
With the change of weather most of us will experience some changes to our skin. Spring brings warmer days and higher humidity. As someone with oiler skin I know that my winter skincare products become a little too heavy in the spring. So make sure you stay in tune with what your skin needs and are updating your skincare routine accordingly. This way not only will your skin look it’s best without makeup but also the right skincare will make your makeup last longer.


2. Adjust your makeup products for change of season
Are the textures your using in winter still right for you once the warmer months come? If you have dry skin you probably won’t have much trouble wearing creamy glowy textured products all year around.  (I’m so jealous by the way! Because creamy glowy products are my absolute favourite but unfortunately on warm humid days they simply melt off my skin ). So for oily skin types I would recommend veering towards using more powder products or at least having a good translucent powder on hand to take that excess shine away from the T-zone. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use cream/liquid products at all, but I would recommend looking for lightweight gel like textures or cream products that set a little on the skin.


3. Spring clean out
This is so important! Do a spring clean out of your makeup bag. You don’t want bacteria to make a cosy little home in your products, this is asking for all sorts of trouble. Not only can expired products cause breakouts and irritation but they can also lead to serious skin/eye infections. Make sure you discard all your expired products. At the very least this means you should be replacing your mascara with the change of every season, as most mascaras should be discarded 3 months after opening.


4. Don’t skip the SPF
You should really be using sunscreen every day under your makeup anyway regardless of the time of year but this becomes even more important as the UV index starts to rise in the warmer months. Yes even on cloudy days, no cheating!


5. Add some colour
Spring is the perfect time to play and experiment with a bit of colour. If your a no makeup-makeup wearer this could be as easy as popping on a little extra blush!


6. Make that skin glowI’m all about dewy skin and I feel like spring is a perfect time to play up this makeup trend. Add a little extra highlighter to the high points of the face for that fresh glowy skin look. There are plenty of incredible formulas of highlighters + illuminators on the market these days (even ones that have great staying power on oily skin types)


7. Set your lookIf like me your makeup doesn’t tend to last quite as long in warm and humid weather I recommend investing in a makeup setting spray to prolong the wear of your makeup.


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