Try this runway trick to get the world traveler look

Keep your hair out of your face

— and show off those bold brows

The theme of the Tome New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 show was world travel, and Aveda’s Creative Director Antoinette Beenders and Global Artistic Director for Makeup Janell Geason certainly know a lot about that. They created a perfect, impossibly-fresh traveler look you’ll be copying on your next journey, whether it’s backpacking across Europe or a first class business trip to Dubai.


“We wanted lots of texture in the hair,” said Beenders, “so naturally, we used Texture Tonic. Ryan [Lobo, Tome co-founder and designer] always likes piecey hair — that’s why we created a product that did that.” Texture Tonic, which launched in 2017, was indeed originally inspired by a Tome show Beenders styled. “It’s by hairdressers, for hairdressers,” said Beenders with a wink. “The look is a global traveler. Your hair doesn’t stay smooth at the back when you travel,” said Beenders.


Beenders started with dry, clean hair with a center part and wet it thoroughly from mids to ends with Texture Tonic. Next, she twisted the hair into small sections, and used a blow dryer with a diffuser to help the product contract and set each twist. After that, she wrapped the twists around each other, intertwining the sections into larger twists, and then, once the Texture Tonic was completely dry, she massaged the hair to help re-expand the texture, giving the look volume and wear.


To keep the hair out of the face, she took two small sections from the front of the part, pulled them around the back of the head and fastened them with an elastic at the nape of the neck. “This is a great trick for women with smaller ears who can’t just tuck their hair back behind them,” said Beenders. Lastly, she smoothed the top of the head with a smidge of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil for hydration and shine (and to trap flyaways), squeezing whatever was left on the hands into the ends of the hair.


The barely-there makeup by Janell Geason was a super clean look with an emphasis on the brows. “On the skin, we used just concealer where needed. We don’t want them to look like they spent time on their makeup.” Geason used an Aveda Flax Sticks Daily Effects spoolie brush to apply a sweep of brown powder to the models’ brows, first brushing up, then through. Then, to set the powder and add just a touch more color, she ran the spoolie across just the stick of the Aveda Mosscara wand, and went through the brows one last time. For lips, Geason kept it simple with just the colorless, moisturizing Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-mint Lip Treatment.


The result? An easy, touch-of-drama brow look with plenty more polish than a simple powder treatment or gel. And the best part is how natural it looks — it’s like you just stepped off the jetway like this.



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