Meet the NEW botanical
kinetics serums
Enjoy beautiful skin, powered by plants

The key to your most stunning skin: A trio of high-performance plant-powered serums—the latest from Aveda’s botanical kinetics collection. These three cruelty-free skincare serums are great for all skin types. Think of them as a power drink for your skin.


As always with our formulas, this collection is cruelty-free, vegan, consciously clean1 and highly effective. In addition to the instant results you’ll see, these face serums are backed by clinical results.


The magic is in their plant stem-cell technology. Each serum pairs a plant-derived acid with plant stem cells to transform skin and make it look its most healthy. The science behind these serums is something to behold. Each bottle of botanical kinetics instant luminizer, botanical kinetics pore refiner and botanical kinetics intense hydrator is infused with powerful plant-derived acids and contains over 10,000 plant stem cells.


We do this by utilizing our clean creation1 practice with our plant-based skincare. With this method, we culture the smallest number of stem cells from precious plants in our lab to prevent repeated harvestings from nature. We then cultivate the stem cells at a higher rate so that each bottle is jam-packed with stem cell plant power.


Below, we will share the incredible innovation behind each of these vegan skincare formulas and show how they can transform your skin to looking its absolute best.





Your concern: thirsty, dry skin with noticeably uneven texture and fine lines caused by dehydration.


There are many factors to consider with skin dryness—and some of them are environmental, such as the humidity level where you live or the time of year. Other behavioral factors, such as smoking or taking too-hot showers also cause dry skin. Regardless of the reason behind your dry skin, botanical kinetics intense hydrator is here to help.



This hydrating serum is packed with plant-derived hyaluronic acid molecules (AKA hydration!) at different weights, which moisturise dry skin by penetrating the face at varied speeds. After application, dry skin will instantly appear plumper and more hydrated, with lasting benefits, such as better moisture retention over time.


This formula also contains powerful cactus fruit, which is renowned for its ability to help retain water while improving the moisture barrier.


The result: dewy supple skin, plumped with rich hydration. In our clinical trial, 100% of people using this vegan beauty product demonstrated an improvement in immediate moisture, as well as all-day moisture.2






Your concern: a dull skin complexion due to slow skin cell turnover. We believe that beneath all unenergized, dull skin is bright, healthy skin, ready to be revealed. Tired, dull skin is typically caused by layers of dead skin cells—which can also clog pores.


While regular exfoliation and increasing your vitamin C intake can improve dull skin tone, nothing does the trick quite like a plant-based alpha hydroxy acid. It works by exfoliating the cells so that skin appears instantly smoother and brighter.



Botanical kinetics instant luminizer is formulated with these miraculous, plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids to ignite cell turnover and exfoliate the face to instantly get rid of dull skin. It also contains the snow lotus plant to help boost luminosity and more even skin tone. In fact, 97% of of people who tried this product demonstrated an improvement in skin texture after just 4 weeks3.





Your concern: oversized, clogged pores caused by gradual oil build-up and cellular impurities.


Visible pores can be so frustrating. There are a number of factors that can contribute to this problem–namely, dead skin or excess oil and dirt. Hormones and genetics can play a role in this as well.



Botanical kinetics pore refiner includes two powerhouse ingredients into one to address this issue: sweet clover stem cells, which help purify and tighten pores, as well as increase epidermal thickness, and our trusted beta hydroxy acids, to penetrate pores and break apart impurities. By increasing the thickness of the skin, pores are less visible and not as likely to become clogged.


The result: 90% of people trying this serum demonstrated a significant improvement in purified pores after 4 weeks4.


Clinical testing on 31 women after using the product for 4 weeks twice daily.



Give these serums a try by visiting our Aveda salon or spas for a botanical kinetics in-salon spa facial.



Experience botanical kinetics serums and
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1Aveda creates safe, naturally derived, cruelty free, and 100% vegan hair care and skin care products.

2Clinical testing on 24 women after using the product once.

3Clinical testing on 29 women after using the product for 4 weeks twice daily.

4Clinical testing on 31 women after using the product for 4 weeks twice daily.