WELLNESS | May 19, 2020


Elyse Knowles shares how she finds balance through her favourite Aveda Chakra’s.

Whilst we are at home, it’s important to find balance. You might already be practicing some ways to improve this like taking regular breaks, stretching or even meditation. A simple way to align your dosha, is the use of Chakra sprays for all of their restoring wonders that can give you little boosts through out the day, using the power of aroma to shift your personal energy centres known to influence well-being and beauty in Ayurveda.


Aveda’s Chakra™ Balancing Pure-Fume Mists are based on the practice of Ayurveda and the traditional system of healthy living principals and therapeutic practices designed to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony.


Each chakra can affect wellness—when one chakra is blocked, there is an imbalance, resulting in a diminished sense of well-being. Aveda Chakra™ utilises specially formulated aromas and holistic massage therapy to harmonise these energy centres, thus promoting health, balance, and personal growth.


Aveda Ambassador Elyse Knowles shares with us at Living Aveda how she incorporates the power of aroma into her at-home routine.


“There is something about a scent or a fragrance that truly stays with you.” say Elyse. “When you smell something you connect with, it can change your mood entirely. It can reignite your energy when you're feeling tired or rundown... it can excite you or make you feel focused. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I know that the smell of hot coffee in the morning is cherished by people. It makes them feel as if the day just got better, right? These associations are so special in life. A scent really does hold a magical power.”


Elyse has made chakras part of her morning rituals, and opts for different scents at different points of the day, different rooms or how she wants to feel. “For me, my version of that morning coffee smell is the Aveda Chakras.” shares Elyse. “At home I have the whole collection spread out into different rooms in the house. The more the merrier as they all carry a different purpose and they can never clash. My working space however is one area of the house where I like to pick the Chakra based on my mood and how I'm feeling at that moment. I need absolute focus and creative flow, so when I first get to my desk in the morning I tend to choose a Chakra that aligns with my energy level.”


“For all other times, I play a little game with the universe when selecting a scent. I turn all of the Chakra bottles around so that the labels are facing backwards. From there, I just let fate do the rest! I love this game as I literally let my body gravitate towards the bottle I'm most drawn to. Scarily, a lot of the time I pick up Chakra 1 - Feel Grounded.”


“Feeling grounded really resonates with me - it completely resets my mind-frame. When life gets busy and everything is go, go, go I can become easily flustered and worked up. On these occasions I have to consciously create a calming environment and step inside of it. Chakra 1 is perfect for this space. For me it's all about taking a step back and finding some sense of control. When I achieve this, a grounded sense of peace washes over me. “Two other Chakras I quite often pick up are Chakra 6, Feel Insight and Chakra 7, Feel Wisdom. Inhaling and exhaling these enchanted scents feels like an instant rejuvenation. They're warming and have the power to create a smile from my inside, out.”


Elyse’s advice for a balanced life? “Life can get on top of us some days,” she says. “On other days we might wake up feeling all lethargic, floppy and unmotivated. This is normal, of course it is! But we do need to stay on track and productive if we want to keep moving forward with our goals. A Chakra scent can help you transition into the space you need to be in. This is why I cherish the range so much”


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