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Our top 5 Essentials this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day with your friends or going on a date, there’s always a reason to celebrate love and friendship. This holiday we have picked our top 5 essentials to help you celebrate in an extra special way.


Relax and re-wind


Before getting ready it’s always good to get in the mood. Light one of our 100% vegan candles and revive your mind and refresh your home. Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, mesmerising quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any routine.


Give Some Loving Care to Your Hair


Haircare is something that should be part of your daily beauty routine but we all have busy schedules and sometimes it’s left off the list. Valentine’s Day is a great time to not only to look gorgeous, but to resume your hair care routine. Check out our rebuild bonds pack in light or rich, made to strengthen and repair hair from the inside out.


Protect your romantic hairstyle


Whether you want a look of straight, wavy or curled we all know we’ll be using a heat styling tool. It’s so important to protect your hair when doing this, which is why our Perfect Pair Pack is really the prefect pair for you! With nutriplenish leave-in-conditioner at hand you will not only have hydrated, healthy looking hair but be protecting your hair from thermal styling up to 262° C.

Prep your lips


Kissable lips can be important on Valentine's Day! So make sure your lips are enhanced! Check out our range of feed my lips pure nourish-mint liquid colour balms to find the perfect Valentine’s Day shade for you.


Set the mood


If you want a lovely fragrance that will set the mood for the night explore our Pure-Fume Aroma range. Discover the power of aroma to shift your personal energy centres before going out.


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