Naked Sundays

Mindful and Meaningful: Naked Sundays, Samantha Brett


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Naked Sunday’s are all about skin-loving, high performance, multi-purpose, hands-free SPF, that is infused with hydrating and collagen antioxidants to make your morning routine as easy as 1, 2!

“What if people could actually start enjoying wearing sunscreen?” Samantha Brett, founder of Naked Sundays SPF Protect your skin now... for kickass (and glowy and healthy) skin in the future. Wear SPF Every Day, and love every day like it's a Sunday; filled with self love and carefree vibes, and of course, a whole 'lotta lilac’.


What is your goal?
The aim of Naked Sundays is to make sunscreen accessible to everyone; making it cool, fun, easy to use and most of all high performance but without the sticky whitecast that usually comes with it! All our products are high performance AND insta-worthy, so the aim is to have as many people as possible using the power of social media to share in the message of SPF everyday. Our goal is to change the way the next generation sees and uses sunscreen so that it becomes something fun and something that people actually WANT to do, rather than that chore you have to do in the mornings. If we can get more people wearing SPF every single day, sharing the SPF message with their social tribes, and loving wearing sunscreen, then hopefully we can prevent future generations from the overwhelming statistics we see in regards to skin cancer and melanoma.


Why do you think Vegan beauty is important?
It has always been important to me to create cruelty free products, and to listen to our tribe who are educated, care about the future, the planet and animals. We share and want to honour these values. Making vegan SPF is no easy feat, but we have really stuck to this in our manufacturing process and are extremely proud of this too.


What does sustainability mean to you?
It was important for us to make sure our products are reef safe and recyclable. We want to ensure we don't use too much plastic and that as much of our containers as possible are able to be reused. We also encourage our customers to send back their used bottles so that we can recycle them and re-purpose them to create our next round of packaging.


What is the one tip or trick using your products?
I wanted to make sure that our products are easy to use and hands free for on-the-go hygiene purposes, so I created our SPF BFF Brush to apply our cremes, and of course our bestselling SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist to be able to top up your SPF for your face and body on the go, while also delivering a heady dose of antioxidants and vitamins to the skin.


What is the difference between UVA and UVB?
UVA are the nasty long waves that penetrate deep and cause wrinkles, melanomas and sun spots. UVB are the shorter waves that reach the surface of the skin; they are the waves that tan and also burn the skin. When a label says ‘Broad Spectrum’, it means that you are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Chemical sunscreens absorb these UV Rays, convert them to heat and diffuse them out of the body, whereas Mineral sunscreen is a physical barrier that sits on top of the skin and blocks the rays from being absorbed. All of our SPFs protect your skin from UVA and UVB using the highest performance SPF available!




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