The octopus haircut is trending:

here's how to style it


Learn everything about this edgy shag-mullet hybrid

From the mullet to the wolf cut, the 90s supermodel blowout and more: over the past few years, the Internet has obsessed over a huge number of hairstyles. If you’ve been wanting to change up your look but can’t decide what haircut to go for, we’ve got just the idea for you: the octopus haircut!


Boasting more than 810k views on TikTok, the octopus hair is one of the hottest 2022 hair trends, with celebs like Billie Eilish and Kaia Gerber rocking the look flawlessly. But what exactly is it? How can you maintain and style it? Discover the answers to these questions in today’s article!


What is the octopus haircut?


Just like the name suggests, the octopus haircut resembles the shape of octopus tentacles. Yes, you read that right! A shag-mullet hybrid, this is a heavily textured and layered haircut, with voluminous top layers blending into each other more than a mullet would and angled bottom layers cascading down your shoulders.


Referred by many as a modern take on the popular 90s Rachel hairstyle, the octopus haircut incorporates curtain bangs that typically go right below your ears (although they can be shorter, depending on what is most flattering on you) and the final result is a long shag haircut with a flawless grungy touch.


The octopus haircut suits all face shapes but it tends to work best on straight or wavy hair that is at least shoulder-length. For those with curly or coily hair, the final look might end up looking too disconnected – but if you’re searching for bold haircuts that suit naturally textured hair, the traditional shag is a great option!


How to maintain and style your octopus haircut


There is no doubt that the octopus haircut is one of the coolest styles at the moment and the best news? It doesn’t require that much maintenance or styling to look good. To keep that gorgeous salon-fresh look for longer, simply follow these easy tips:


Put your hot tools away and opt for air-drying. The octopus haircut is edgy in itself, so we recommend letting it dry naturally, rather than perfecting it with hot tools, as a way to maintain a purposely messy look. This is great not only if you typically don’t have much time for hairstyling in the morning, but also to give your hair a break from high temperatures and prevent any heat damage from occurring.


Use a lightweight, strengthening product. One of the biggest secrets to maintaining any hairstyle is to use products that strengthen your hair and the octopus haircut is no exception. Our botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque: light is an excellent option: supercharged with plant-derived nutrients and organic oils, it effectively improves the look and feel of your hair, while protecting it from future damage. Plus, as a lightweight masque, it doesn’t weigh down your hair or ruin the gorgeous layered effect.


Maintain the texture of your long shag with a styling product. Although the octopus style is effortlessly textured, not every day is a good hair day, so we recommend having a styling product that you can use whenever your hair needs a boost. We love the texture tonic, a spray that defines and enhances natural texture, infusing the hair with a natural shine for an effortlessly "undone" look and providing a flexible hold that is ideal for the octopus haircut. If you have fine hair, it can also be a good idea to apply a volumising product that will help boost your hair strands and pump up your octopus hairstyle. For weightless volume and body, be sure to check out our pure abundance™ range.


Get regular trims. The octopus hair is a very layered haircut, so as your hair grows, the textured effect naturally starts to disappear. You should be visiting your hairdresser regularly anyway, to keep your hair always looking healthy and shiny, but if you’re rocking the octopus haircut, going every six to eight weeks becomes even more important.


Make it unique with some extra colour. If you want to take your octopus haircut to the next level, why not dye your bangs or under layers a different colour? Whether you opt for a bold tone like pink or bright orange or keep it natural with some discreet highlights, maintain the colour by incorporating products for dyed hair in your hair care routine.


The octopus haircut is one of the biggest hair trends of 2022 and if you’ve been thinking about getting a makeover, this is your sign to go for it. Easy to maintain and effortlessly cool, we’re obsessed with this hairstyle and think you’d be too. So, ready for a change? Find an Aveda salon near you and be sure to explore our botanical repair™ collection to keep your hair strong no matter the haircut.