Sharing the Veganuary love with Nat Roser and Shannon Lawson

Find out their favourite vegan and eco-conscious products

Small changes can make a big difference! Whether it be switching out some of your beauty products, eating a more plant focused diet or being aware of the ingredients used any products including cleaning or clothing.


These simple changes in your lifestyle can create a massive impact on the planet, animals and your health which is why at Aveda we love embracing and sharing with our community brands we love who share the same ethos as us!


In celebration of Aveda going 100% vegan, we’ve asked our good friends Nat Roser and Shannon Lawson to share some of their favourite vegan or eco-conscious brands to help you take some small steps and join us in becoming a force of nature and a force of good!


Nat’s Favourites:

Favourite Aveda product: Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Leave-in Treatment

Favourite vegan clothing brand: Rose and Bare

Favourite vegan meal to make at home: Sweet potato curry

Favourite vegan chocolate: Hu Simply Dark Chocolate

Favourite vegan coffee: Sipp Instant

Favourite vegan cleaning products: Koh

Favourite vegan wine - 6ft6 Wines


Shannon’s Favourites:

Favourite Aveda product: Be Curly™ Curl Enhancer

Favourite vegan clothing brand: BOODY

Favourite vegan meal to make at home: Lentil dahl

Favourite vegan chocolate: Pana Organic

Favourite vegan snack: Keep It Cleaner Protein Balls

Favourite vegan cleaning products: Koala Eco

Favourite vegan food delivery: FLAVE


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