What helps hair grow?

An ingredient guide


Discover how to thicken your hair with these hair growth ingredients

Struggling with hair loss? With the right product formulas, nourishing your hair back to its healthiest state is a foolproof way to promote hair growth. From moisturising to anti-inflammatory, cleansing and more, there are several properties you want to look for when it comes to hair growth ingredients – but what are they exactly?


Learn what is good for hair growth and thickness and discover how to thicken your hair:


Organic amla


Main benefits: Encouraging healthy hair growth and conditioning the scalp


Amla is rich in several vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, particularly vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and, in turn, promotes healthy hair growth while also getting rid of dead cells in the hair follicles and replacing them with new ones.


Additionally, using amla for hair is an excellent way to condition and strengthen it, as it is a highly moisturising ingredient that is able to deeply nourish your hair from the roots all the way to the tips.


For all these reasons and more, our entire invati advanced™ range is supercharged with this powerful ingredient, so no matter if you use the whole collection or just one or two of its products, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of amla for hair.


Salicylic acid


Main benefits: Exfoliating the scalp and minimising irritation


We’ve all heard of salicylic acid for skin, but did you know this ingredient is also beneficial for your hair? Hair loss can sometimes be caused by scalp build-up that clogs the follicles and prevents your hair from growing long and strong. That’s why using salicylic acid for scalp health is essential for anyone wondering how to get thick hair.


As a potent cleansing ingredient, salicylic acid eliminates excess sebum from your scalp and allows other hair growth products to easily penetrate the skin layers and achieve better results. Plus, if you struggle with irritation and itchiness, salicylic acid can minimise these symptoms and stop you from scratching your scalp, which can damage the follicles and, again, contribute to hair loss.


Our invati advanced™ exfoliating shampoo light and rich are both formulated with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid and, as such, can gently exfoliate, purify and renew your scalp, creating an optimal foundation for fuller, thicker hair.


Rice protein


Main benefits: Volumising and softening hair


You may remember a couple of years ago when using rice water for hair growth became one of the biggest beauty trends on social media. Well, there’s a reason why this DIY hair care treatment gained so much popularity, and that’s rice protein.


The vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals present in rice protein make this a powerful ingredient for hair growth and overall health. Not only does it strengthen the hair from within but it also improves manageability thanks to its detangling and smoothing benefits.


The rice protein in our invati advanced™ thickening foam immediately plumps your hair full of deep nourishment and, combined with organic amla, provides shiny, frizz-free volume that lasts all day long, without weighing down the hair. If you’re looking for a styling product for thinning hair, this is it.


Turmeric & Ginseng


Main benefits: Protecting against external aggressors, fighting inflammation and maintaining scalp and hair health


Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help combat hair loss caused by inflammation, stimulating growth by maintaining your scalp and hair health and protecting them from damage caused by external aggressors, while also controlling oil production and keeping clogged follicles at bay.


Ginseng is a popular herbal remedy that is commonly used for a number of purposes, including nutrition, wellness and health, and many studies have shown that using ginseng for hair growth can effectively deliver the desired results.


This is because, on one hand, ginseng’s antioxidant and anti-aging properties help protect the hair and scalp against environmental aggressors and maintain healthy collagen production, and on the other, it helps relieve stress, one of the most common reasons behind hair thinning and loss.


In our invati range, we’ve paired ginseng with turmeric to create an invigorating scalp spray for hair growth: the invati advanced™ scalp revitalizer. A must-have in any hair growth routine, this treatment backs up your hair’s natural keratin, lifts up your hair at the root and nourishes your scalp when massaged in.


If you only use one hair growth product in your daily routine, we recommend this scalp revitalizer: simply spray it 16 times on damp or dry hair, take a couple of minutes to massage it in and you’re good to go!



Thanks to these natural ingredients for hair growth, our invati advanced™ collection is able to instantly strengthen and thicken your hair to achieve the glowing volume you’ve been hoping for. Discover the best hair growth treatments for you at Aveda.