5 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing ASAP

An Aveda Artist is here to dispel everything you thought you knew about hair care

You’ve probably heard them before — popular hair myths like, “If you pluck one grey hair, three more will come to its funeral” or “Hair loss comes from the mother’s side of the family.” While some popular hair tales do hold water, many of the others you may have accepted as truth don’t.


We asked Aveda Artist Sarah Naslund, an updo educator and styling expert, to dispel some of the most popular hair myths, and what she said may surprise you!


MYTH 1: If you want your hair to grow, get a haircut.

FACT: Yes! You have to trim your hair regularly to keep it healthy and looking nice. However, regularly doesn’t have to mean frequently. If your hair is already healthy, you can trim a half inch three or four times a year. If your hair is suffering from excess damage, you have to sacrifice the dead stuff before you can start the journey toward healthy, beautiful, longer hair.


MYTH 2: The more conditioner, the better.

FACT: Nope! It’s better to use LESS of the RIGHT product rather than A LOT of the WRONG product. Ask your stylist to help you find the right one for you.


MYTH 3: Your hair “gets used” to products and they stop working.

FACT: Nope! It’s actually that your hair can in change length, density and texture. Your hair is always growing, so products that work after a fresh cut might not be the best product when your hair is five or six inches longer. At times, including after pregnancy, a change in density can happen, making your hair slightly thicker or thinner. Because of all these variations, it’s good to switch up your products or add new ones to your routine.


MYTH 4: If you’re going to the salon for a hairstyle, go with dirty hair.

FACT: Please NO! It’s best to show up for your appointment with your hair styled the way you prefer it to look. That way the stylist can see your hair how you see it and help you to improve your styling abilities with products and techniques. 

MYTH 5: Skip conditioner when you have fine hair or it’ll weigh it down!

FACT: Yes and no. All conditioners aren’t created equal! Some conditioners weigh fine hair down, but some conditioners are designed to avoid that.  For fine-haired guests, I always recommend applying conditioner to the ends of the hair and avoiding the scalp area. For guests with shorter hair, consider skipping conditioner or using it once a week. 


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