Repair damaged

hair with silicone-

free hair care


It’s all about achieving long term results


"We believe that the most powerful hair care is rooted in nature. To get smooth, shiny hair, silicones may offer instant gratification, but long term, they can cause build-up and breakage and block essential nutrients from reaching the hair.


Instead of silicones, botanical repair uses plant-based polymers and botanical oils to strengthen and repair hair from the inside out for instantly improved strength and shine. How do we do it?"



Biotech Naturals for high-performance hair care


Our labs research and use botanical extracts that have been created with precise extraction techniques to yield ingredient efficacy while keeping sustainability in mind.



From conception to completion, our products are developed with the principles of green chemistry1 as our guide to responsibly support people and planet, including:

    • Reliance on renewable, plant-based materials
    • Minimizing waste by using up-cycled ingredients where possible
    • Prioritizing silicone-free formulas
    • Using safe chemistry and energy conservation techniques to create our formulas


Building new bonds for stronger hair


For botanical repair, these safe, 100% vegan plant molecules are put into action through the building of new hydrogen bonds within your hair’s cortex. This bond-building hair repair technology targets three layers of hair damage, providing you with silicone free shampooconditioner, serum, masks and treatments for softer, shinier and healthier-looking hair.




See for yourself the difference silicone-free hair care makes.







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