BEAUTY | October 2, 2018


Style your way to looks you’ll love using
prep, style and finishing products.
Elyse Knowles shows you how!

Prep. Style. Finish! Over 35,000 Aveda stylists create hair styles every day with our 3-step styling routine. Our Aveda Artist Rory Calasse shares his top tips on how he created our Aveda Ambassador Elyse’s Knowles lived-in, beachy waves in 3 easy steps!



Think of this as a primer for your hair. The prep step is important because it can help protect from heat styling, tame frizz and fight humidity and moisture. It also makes it easier to style and enhances the benefits of your styling products.


RORY: “After cleansing and conditioning hair with the Damage Remedy System apply a small amount of Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair through damp hair and comb through for even distribution.”



The style step is where you really create your look. Whatever style you want, there’s a styling product that will hold, define texture, enhance curls, create volume or transform your hair. So it’s smooth and straight.


RORY: “Spritz Volumizing Tonic through the root area and Thickening Tonic on the mid-lengths and ends. Volumizing Tonic creates root lift whereas Thickening Tonic expands the individual strands making the overall hair have a luscious feel”.


“Next take medium sections, starting at the root, and wrap hair around a curling wand making sure to leave the ends out so they stay straighter. Once all hair has been curled, unravel section and give the ends a gentle tug to help elongate the wave.”



Now you’ve prepped and styled—lock in an all day hold for long-lasting style—as little or as much as you need. Keep humidity at bay, add shine, definition and volume, or smooth your way to hair you’ll love.


RORY: “Once all the hair has been waved puff through some Shampure Dry Shampoo through the hair to add grit then run your fingers through the hair to start to separate and soften the waves. To finish, spray Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray in short bursts over the hair to set the look, but still have a soft and pliable feel to the hair.”



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