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Which nutriplenish products

are right for you?


Use our curl chart to find your perfect formula

Whatever your hair type or texture, hydration is key to making strands look smooth and feel soft and manageable. Your hair is as unique as you are and different hair has different hydration needs. That’s why we’ve created two shampoo and conditioner formulas—light and deep moisture―for our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection, so you can give your hair the drink of nutrients it needs—whether it’s fine and straight or curly and coily—with the product texture that’s best for you.



Hair texture vs hair type


First thing’s first: what’s the difference? Your hair texture refers to the thickness or actual diameter of a single strand of hair. This determines whether your hair is fine, medium or thick.


Your hair type, often referred to as curl type, is the personality of your hair; it’s where you sit on the curl chart—from 1A to 4C. Not sure what a curl chart is or what these numbers and letters have to do with your hair? Keep reading to learn more.


Curl chart 101


A curl chart is your ultimate guide to decoding your hair type, and your hair type is key to understanding which of our vegan hair products will perform best for your hair. If you don’t have curly hair, wavy hair or coily hair, why do you need to use a curl chart to find your hair type? A curl chart includes all hair types, not just naturally curly hair, and denotes each type with a number-letter pairing.


The number represents the classification of curl: 1=straight, i.e. no curl, 2=wavy, 3=curly, 4=coily. The letter represents the intensity of your curl, from A (low) to C (high).


That’s why if you have stick-straight strands, your hair type is 1A, and speaks to the absence of curls. Meanwhile, 4C hair, denoted by the number-letter combo furthest from 1A on the chart, represents highly textured, tight coils. If you have naturally textured hair that’s wavy, curly or coily, your curl type should fall between 2A-4C.


Which nutriplenish formula is right for you?


The beauty is, nutriplenish works on all hair textures. The nutriplenish difference? Our light and deep moisture formulas offer nutrient-powered hair hydration for everyone.


Our hair experts took the typical curl chart and layered in the three different hair textures to help you further understand your hair type. You’ll see three rows on the left hand side: fine, medium and thick. These rows, along with the brackets at the top of the chart will help you choose either light or deep moisture.




Now find your hair type


Here’s how to put all of what you just learned together, and discover your hair type with our handy chart below.


Step 1: Choose your hair texture on the left side of the chart.


Step 2: In the row that corresponds to your hair texture, choose the hair strand illustration that looks most similar to a strand of your hair.


Step 3: Find the corresponding number-letter combination at the top of the chart. That’s your hair type!


Step 4: Take note of where your hair strand sits in on the chart. If it falls within the light bracket then you need the light moisture formula. If it falls within the deep bracket then the deep moisture formula is best for you.


However you choose to hydrate, your hair will love the added nourishment that nutriplenish provides in order to improve its lustre, softness and manageability.


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Our nutriplenish light moisture formulas are enriched with fast-absorbing oils, so you receive intense hair hydration without the heaviness.


Product image of the nutriplenish™ deep moisture collection.




Our nutriplenish deep moisture formulas contain 50% more nourishing butters than our light collection and are specifically designed for hair that craves a serious moisture boost from a richer formula.




Once you discover your hair type, you’ll pinpoint the
hydrating nutriplenish formulas your hair needs.








*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.