The ultimate blow dry toolkit

Everything you need for a (relatively) painless at-home blowout

If you prefer to style your hair a certain way after it’s been washed, chances are you may blow dry your hair on the regular, whether it’s straight and sleek or diffused and curly. That blow dry may also take a ton of your precious time, and perhaps you aren’t getting quite the same results as you do at the salon. Never fear! We chatted with the ultimate blow dry pros, Aveda Artists, and they shared what you should have in your arsenal for the best at-home blow dry.


Invest in the best tools you can comfortably afford. “I believe your blow dry can only be as good as your tools,” says David Anders Palmira. The next time you’re at the salon, ask your Artist what they recommend, or upgrade from the old dryer you’ve been using for years. For smoothing and straightening, Monica Stevens uses ceramic (tourmaline, magnesium or ion-inflused) flat irons.


Choose your towel wisely. Whatever you do, be gentle! “Hair is in its most fragile state when wet, so make sure you squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and don’t rub. This can cause breakage and split ends,” says Darren Summors of Australia. Try a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to help reduce stress to the hair.


Make sure you have the right accessories for your dryer. “For frizz-free results, always make sure you use a nozzle on your dryer,” says Darren. “This controls the airflow and condenses it to only the section of hair you are drying.”


And of course, don’t forget NEW Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator! Saturate your damp hair with the product to speed up your blow dry, protect from thermal damage from blowdrying, calm static and make your hair feel soft and smooth.


“It’s hard to overuse the product … it doesn’t weigh the hair down and gives a nice polished finish!” says David.


Speed of Light works for waves and curls too. If you’re a fan of diffusing your hair, you can definitely use Speed of Light to help speed up the process — pair it with Texture Tonic for undone beachy texture. We have a feeling Speed of Light will soon become a mainstay in your styling routine once you give it a try.