BEAUTY | April 24, 2020


Creativity, culture, care and community
come together. It all starts with the chair!

Girlfriends, boyfriends, friends come and go, but a good hairstylist is forever… April 30th marks National Hairstylist appreciation day where we say thank you and commemorate the un-breakable bond we’ve each had with our hair stylists.


Our Aveda family is a community of artists who do so much more than cut, colour and style our hair. They have been beside us at almost every mile-stone, from our weekend blow-outs, our weddings, our birthdays and beyond. They become our confidantes, our therapists, our dear friends, and their chair becomes a home away from home. There’s no one we trust more and there’s nothing a salon visit can’t fix.


Good hair speaks louder than words, but today we celebrate our stylists as they share what they love about their jobs.

Aveda Artists

“It’s the opportunity to learn and to continuously grow through all the guests I have had the pleasure to meet and service . After all, you meet people for a reason.”

– Louka

Louka & Co, Sydney


Aveda Artists

“Every day is different, every client is unique, no two days are the same and we get to meet such a diverse range of people who can introduce us to many new things. My life has been enriched by the people who have sat in my chair. Not only does working for Aveda feel like a big family, the integrity of the product and the commitment to their values is special. “


Robertson Kirkwood Salon, Rozelle & David Jones Warringah Mall


Aveda Artists

“There’s too many to list. My growing love of hairdressing continues everyday. Growing the business and staff. All the community support form Bronte. Such a special place. Every guest and service is a pleasure.”


Shagg Hair Studio, Bronte


Aveda Artists

“That I get to share in the lives of so many people that come my way. We work in an industry that comes up close and personal in more ways than one. Getting to brighten someone’s day is the best outcome for me. Recently as I removed the gown off a guest, she burst into tears. Shocked I didn’t know what to do but ask if everything was ok. She said “I have never felt so beautiful“ and then embraced me. This was her first time in our salon.”


AVEDA Guest Artist and Educator


Aveda Artists

“The moment your guest leaves your salon with that extra confidence in their stride. The smile of appreciation for bringing out their best them. My favourite thing about working for AVEDA is it’s a brand of education and development. I started my journey behind the chair, as an ambassador, then a certified educator and now artistic lead. We have an unparalleled education program. Further to this working with a product that is kind to me, the guests, the artists and the planet is so integral. It’s about being able to create amazing artistry with a conscience. “

– Mathew