Pomegranate blockchain tracing

Traceability matters when it comes to botanical ingredients. It can help track and ensure ingredient quality and responsible sourcing practices throughout the supply chain. Aveda is using this transparency in our pomegranate seed oil supply chain to help drive environmental and social improvements back to our organic sourcing communities supporting women and girls through access to a better life.

1. Fruit Grown & Processed

Adana, Turkey

Pomegranate fruit is grown at a certified organic farm and sent to a processor where it's juiced, and the seeds are recovered to avoid waste.

2. Recovered Seeds turned to Oil

Negev, Israel

Oil producer recycles juice seed waste and is in Kibbutz Sa'ad. The supplier profit sharing and infrastructure of this Kibbutz community supports a therapeutic boarding school for girls at risk.

3. Distributed

New Jersey, United States

The pomegranate seed oil is shipped to New Jersey.

4. Manufactured

Blaine, Minnesota

The pomegranate oil seed arrives at Aveda headquarters and is mixed into the formulas of nutriplenish hair care.

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